New Hunting 4 Land YouTube Channel is Up and Running

Wanted to let everybody know I now have a You Tube channel. Being honest my IT guy set this up for me a while ago. I finally decided it was time to try my hand at shooting videos and using another form of advertising. It's definitely a work in progress. The old teach an old dog new tricks comes into play here. At the very least it gets me in the place I love, the woods and fields of Michigan.

I got things started back at early stages of Covid when we were basically quarantined. Sorry, I can only take about 2 days of staring at the walls before I have to be outside. So I figured whatever I did as long as I was alone and in the woods I and others were quite safe. It was an interesting time to be out and about. There were times when I could drive on I-69 for nearly 5 miles without ever seeing another vehicle. I did see more folks as I made my way into the northern part of the thumb area. As for on the gravel roads and in the woods it was a ghost town other that the farmers. The farmers were out, they had to be, they had animals to tend to and most of them don't feed themselves.

I also had a "school of hard knocks" education on how to use my phone as a movie camera. Yeah not the brightest with technology, but after a few starts, stops, and some grrrrsss I got it figured out. Initially I had 2 issues, pushing the wrong button on the phone when I wanted to halt recording and being able to hold the phone still while filming. I had a few videos i just flat couldn't use unless my viewers were taking sea sick meds. I eventually wound up buying a tiny tripod and affixing it to the top of a 5′ piece of poplar that I use for a walking stick. No doubt not as nice as the ones I see guys using to film their hunts, but it gets the job done.

My next adventure is going to be trying to shoot some video while gun deer hunting. As my 50's passed by in the mirror I now find myself more and more either setting on the ground in the woods, or in some sort of a blind. I think my tree stand days are in the past. Though I have to admit I never was comfortable up above about 10 feet. So, my goal for this gun season is to do more filming and to spend more time out on state land hunts. Stay tuned.

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- Rick Patridge

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New Hunting 4 Land YouTube Channel is Up and Running

Wanted to let everybody know I now have a You Tube channel.