Looking to Sell Michigan Land?

Why Is Hunting 4 Land Different from Others?

Selling Michigan Land

Hunting 4 Land specializes in selling acreage for hunting, recreation, farming, lakefront, cabins, cottages, etc. This is typically referred to as "Outdoor Recreational".

I believe this is a specialized market and requires more than just adding a listing to a Real Estate Board and sticking a sign by the road.

I feel certain that I can offer several options that will enhance the marketability of your property should you choose Hunting 4 Land LLC.

Below are some points to consider:


I try hard to stay connected with like-minded outdoor lovers through advertising in outdoor publications, radio advertising, and by taking part in outdoor shows and banquets. I also stay in touch by emailing an outdoor newsletter.


With millions of websites I use services that disseminate listings to land specific websites, use key words and phrases to help listings rank higher in search results, and by hiring a great website manager.

Price is Important

When working with a seller to determine price I research SOLD comparable sales. The word SOLD is important. I will tell you what I believe your property will sell for based on comparables and my experience, not a high price to get the listing, or a low price to turn a quick buck. Most recreational properties are financed and a lender will only loan on the appraised value which is based on SOLD comparables.

How long should you list your property?

You can list for a minimum of 3 months but I prefer 6 months because it takes time to get a listing up and running. For monthly publications an ad is submitted about 3 weeks before it hits the stands. Depending on when a new listing is signed it may only appear in a publication 2 times before a 3 month listing expires.

I know my listings like they were my own

I've walked them from corner to corner. When buyers look at my listings they will see a lot of pictures, trail camera photos, drone footage, and detailed descriptions. You will NEVER see just one picture taken from the road. I can answer questions about tree types and mast crops, swamps or water, soil types, topography, signs of wildlife, food plots, trails, etc. A person doesn't hire an electrician or other professional without experience in their field. I don't believe people looking to buy recreational property want to work with real estate agents who don't have experience in the outdoors. I've spent a lifetime hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, etc. and we have owned our share of recreational property over the years. I believe my experience can help others in their search.

Gimmicks, quotas, and pushy sales pitches aren't my thing.

When I started working for Michigan Outdoor Properties and came up with Hunting 4 Land as my website – that was a big deal for me. I'm just a regular, hardworking guy who like most Michiganders spent almost 30 years working in an auto related industry. I was excited to be out of the shop and value every minute I get to spend outside doing what I love; looking for signs of wildlife, walking trails, and enjoying nature and people.