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Letter of Recommendation

Aside from obviously being a knowledgeable realtor & outdoorsman, Rick is first & foremost a really good guy, whose kindness and down to earth personality are genuine. I never felt like I was dealing with a "salesman". He was more of a counselor, a 9:30pm comforter, and a big Brother, who just happens to move land for a living! This is the kind of person that we all want as a neighbor, a coworker, a friend, or in law. Why not your realtor? He has your best interest at heart, as well as that of the other party- which is a reflection of his character. Yes, he sold our land in under a week, for full price, cash. However, the memories of working with Rick, for me, will always be about the refreshing experiences realized in encountering a guy who blesses people through his work by just being himself!

- Ubly Camp

Attention All,
If you are looking for a person who knows land and trees, you won't find better than Rick Patridge. Hard to find someone who is willing to walk the many parcels you might be looking at, or give you a reality check letting you know this will or will not fit your check list on parcels. Save your self time and grief and get the best like Rick P.

Thanks Rick,

- Mary and Ed